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Volunteer Experience

These are the positions that I have held without financial compensation that have offered me the opportunity to exercise my skills and develop new ones.

Head of Electronics

Page Last Updated: January 8, 2022

Human Powered Vehicles Design Team, University of Toronto

April 2018 - Present

Oversee the development and production of novel electrical systems to aid in the operation of our boundary pushing vehicles

  • Oversee electronics in all team projects, from those directly installed on vehicles to those used in supporting roles such as our custom manufacturing and testing equipment.
  • Notable projects that I oversaw or directly took part in: Titan (current world record holder for fastest tandem land vehicle), Axios (submarine), and the development of designs for a future aircraft project.
  • Recruited new members for the team in general and specifically for the electronics sub-team.
  • Mentored new recruits to help them develop their hardware and software skills while also advancing the team’s projects.

F!rosh Games Co-Chair

Page Last Updated: January 8, 2022

University of Toronto Engineering Orientation

May 2019 - October 2019

Organized and delivered a sporting event to over 1000 participants across 20 teams, coordinating with over 20 parties internal and external to the Orientation committee

  • Organized six hours of competitive activities designed to introduce students to their peers and to campus student clubs. These were attended by 18 groups of incoming students and leaders, totaling over 1100 participants.
  • Events were organized in collaboration with my co-chair and involved 70 volunteers. These volunteers were general event volunteers and representatives from approximately 20 external student clubs.
  • Planned and ran training sessions for volunteers to meet up and test event logistics, activity details and execution, and event transition planning. Feedback from training sessions was passed on to the volunteers and our overseeing officers along with overall progress updates.
  • Scheduled event timetable to maximize unique group pairings (so that students could meet more of their peers) and minimize the overall travel distance for all groups.
  • Executed event successfully with no delays or major issues due to detailed scheduling and extensive training. This was a significant improvement compared to the historical precedent where the events overran the scheduled time by over an hour.

F!rosh P!rank Co-Chair

Page Last Updated: January 8, 2022

University of Toronto Engineering Orientation

May 2018 - October 2018

Organized an hour of entertainment for around 1000 attendees across 10 rooms with unique schedules for each one

  • Prepared an hour-long orientation seminar for the incoming class of roughly 1000 to attend as part of a comedic event that was initially billed as a serious seminar and was slowly revealed to be an entertaining show over the course of the hour.
  • Recruited a group of 18 volunteers in collaboration with co-chair and held regular training sessions to prepare volunteers to present prepared seminar material in separate lecture halls.
  • Recruited and managed a separate group of roughly 50 performance volunteers who were recruited as individuals or club representatives who were interested in participating in our event as “actors”. Their purpose was to perform skits during the seminars.
  • Planned events to take place in ten lecture halls in a single building, but faced sudden room booking cancellations by campus booking services a mere 5 days in advance and were forced to run event across rooms in two separate buildings. Reconfigured event schedules with co-chair to accommodate this and passed on the information to our volunteers and followed up to ensure that all relevant parties were aware of the change.
  • Reassigned work following unexplained absences of several volunteers to ensure the event would continue largely unchanged.