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Freelance Embedded Engineer

Developing complete embedded solutions for clients, in any domain.
Organization: Me, myself, and I
Term: August 2023 - April 2024

Starting Out

It’s always been a bit of a dream for me to do embedded system design as my job, and I finally got my start in it as I was wrapping up my Master’s studies. I focused on work with one client one, although I did have some one-off projects with others. All the projects were pretty varied applications for embedded systems so I enjoyed the work thoroughly.

Services I Offered

Although I can’t discuss all the work I’ve done thus far, I will share what I have done at a high level:

  • Determine the technical scope of a project based on non-technical discussion with client(s)
  • Perform component selection and sourcing to optimize for cost
  • Design and assemble custom circuit boards
  • Program application specific code
  • Test and debug custom hardware and code
  • Document my code and design files so that my work can be easily maintained and developed by others

Projects I Did

Some of the projects I worked on that are public, here are two that really standout for me (since I claim the lion’s share of credit for their designs).

Contact Sensor

My first project as a freelancer was working on making a contact sensor for Engineering Design Lab which was developing a five-axis 3D printer at the time. The purpose of this system was to allow the print head to be used as a contact probe for automatic self-calibration. I took EDL’s high-level concept for the sensor and turned it into fully fleshed system in the course of several weeks as I was finishing my masters studies.

The PLU5 printer.
The PLU5 printer. EDL

I delivered and assembled the boards into their system on time and on budget, which really felt amazing to do in a professional (technical) sphere! The circuit exceeeded their expectations and left a fair bit of room for further features to be added, namely additional digital protocols without modifying the hardware!

A handful of the completed contact detection boards prior to installation
A handful of the completed contact detection boards prior to installation

I have more details in my write up on the project here if you’re interested!

DATA Board

This was a project I undertook with a friend that I met through pure chance. He just happened to be the creative director for an artist I really liked, one of the largest reggaeton producers in the world: Tainy! The album was heavily sci-fi, and in particular cyberpunk themed visually, drawing from the classics like Neuromancer and Ghost in the Shell, which I resonated with and suggested we try to make some circuitboard art together!

The direction I decided to take was that of a PCB in the design of the album’s logo, with LEDs on the perimeter to enact different effects. Currently on the first revision, but a second is planned. Write up incoming when I get to it…

Hire Me!

Too late! If you want to hire me please reach out via my current employer, Engineering Design Lab, and we can look to work something out!